Oakridge Concerts in the Park is a committee of the Community Festivals Association, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was formed in 2002. Our purpose is to provide free entertainment for all members of our community and increase tourism and revenue in our small town.

Summer 2018 will be our eighth season. With a dedicated committee we have successfully presented seven years of concerts all summer long an the Banner Bank Amphitheater in Greenwaters Park. Our concerts have increased in attendance and quality every year.

Donations are a key element of making the concert events successful. There are different levels of sponsorship with varying benefits.

Since we are a nonprofit, your donation may be tax deductible. Our EIN number is available upon request. One hundred percent of all money received gets put back into the concert fund to keep the music free for the community.

We ask that you consider sponsoring us this summer season. Your investment will make a difference in our community by providing free, family-friendly, local entertainment and help to increase tourism which benefits our local economy. It also gives local crafters a venue to market their products. With continued support from the community and our sponsors, we will remain a positive impact on tourism for Oakridge and Westfir.

Please ask for a sponsor pack today to see how you can help and what benefits you will receive.




Equator Coffee Co.

Equator Coffee Co.